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Sky’s the limit for aerospace manufacturer’s childcare voucher scheme

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  • EEF Advantages
  • Comprehensive childcare voucher system put into place at preferential member rate.


With a review of its childcare voucher policy looming, B/E Aerospace brought EEF Advantages into the mix and hasn’t looked back. Opting for the childcare voucher scheme offered to EEF members through Advantages, it has enjoyed great account management, service and support through the scheme.

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Our Approach

A member of EEF, B/E Aerospace implemented its childcare voucher scheme in mid 2009, going live with its first order in August. The voucher scheme sees EEF partnering up with trusted provider Team Rewards, and its Salary Extras offer.

“It was great timing that EEF’s communication on Advantages came when it did, as we were talking to a number of childcare voucher providers at the time, including the two market leaders” said Jan Attwood, Human Resources Manager.

“Receiving this prompted me to include Team Rewards’ Salary Extras scheme as part of my review”.

Jan had already carried out a lot of my own research into childcare vouchers and so was very well informed on a lot of the legislation. She was therefore interested to see what information and advice she would be given by each of the providers.

“I felt that the information given by Salary Extras was most honest and upfront, and best reflected the legal aspects of the scheme. We were made aware of the possible downsides of the scheme for some staff members as well as advantages, and felt confident in having the full picture”.

As an EEF member, B/E Aerospace was of course entitled to the preferential rates specially available to members. Jan believes this competitive rate made the task of selling the concept and proposal within the organisation far easier, particularly in these difficult financial times.
B/E Aerospace has a dedicated account manager who has been their primary point of contact from the initial discussions, through implementation of the scheme, and on an ongoing basis. The role of the account manager has been to ensure an HMRC-compliant scheme has been designed and implemented, that the company has a comprehensive childcare voucher policy document in place to capture all aspects of the scheme, and that B/E Aerospace feel supported, confident and satisfied with the service its people receive.

“Our account manager has been really good. She has been on hand to give us all the help we need, and managed the whole setting up of the scheme on our behalf” says Jan.

“What we particularly liked was the fact that we didn’t feel as though we were one of a huge number of schemes all being set up identically, and she has offered the flexibility to make our scheme as effective as possible. Emma has always responded very quickly to HR and Payroll queries, and we have felt always able to address any questions directly to her for prompt and accurate advice”.

B/E Aerospace’s Payroll Officer Pat Stonier handles all of the day-to-day running of the scheme and she has been impressed with the service.

“Everything I need is available on my online account. Even a copy of my contract is available there which I believe is a real advantage, particularly if there is a need for any auditing. I tend to raise any issues with my Account Manager, although since she demonstrated the system for me at the outset, I have very little need for any help”. 

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  • Preferential member rate offered makes for an attractive proposition
  • Dedicated Account Manager who has been primary point of contact from the initial discussions
  • HMRC compliant scheme has been designed and implemented
  • Comprehensive childcare voucher policy document in place

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“The system is so easy, I really can’t say there are any problems with it. The reports are presented well, and I can see at a glance who has applied for the scheme. Invoices are available very promptly, and the system is so easy to manage from a payroll point of view. Everything is so logical and I really think this has as low administration as it possibly could”.

  • Pat Stonier, B/E Aerospace, Payroll Officer


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