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Fibercore and EEF have worked in partnership since 2003.

Services supplied

  • Bespoke training
  • Industry intelligence
  • HR & legal advice and support
  • Networking
  • Policy and representation


“We receive high-quality, no nonsense and detailed information on a regular basis from EEF”

Fibercore and EEF have worked in partnership since 2003.  During this time Managing Director Dr Chris Emslie has been instrumental in his role as an EEF regional board member.

“Our relationship with EEF allows us to keep on top of best practice and up-to-date with legislation and information - benefitting both our business and our employees.”

Fibercore uses a lot of the information we provide both online and in print – the latest surveys on management and engineering pay scales, for example.

“We receive high-quality, no nonsense and detailed information on a regular basis from EEF and use several of their services. Being fully informed has allowed us to ensure we operate the highest level of HR and employment welfare to our existing staff.”

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Our Approach

Developing new business talent

EEF works with Fibercore to ensure the ongoing training of existing staff and nurturing talent.

“In our business the expertise and experience of our staff is critical to the delivery of high-quality products and services. These days it’s not easy to find and nurture apprentices and graduates for ongoing business development."

By tailoring a series of training programmes for Fibercore, we were able to deliver specific courses best suited for the business and individuals, with workshops and one-day courses held at our regional training facilities.

“EEF training adds real value to the business, being very high quality and excellent value for money. If you are making this level of commitment to be away from your business, you need to know that you’re going to receive the return on investment.”

Cutting through the red tape

While working with our team of legal experts in employment tribunal preparation and representation Fibercore has valued the legal services delivered through membership. 

“We have had to use EEF’s services for, fortunately, only one tribunal case. In a climate of detailed and complex employment law and legislation, where employees can so easily consider that they may have been wronged, how do you address this for benefit of both the individual concerned and your business?

For Fibercore the experience, knowledge and legal process undertaken by EEF was extensive and diligent, such that the case did not have to go to court.”

“I cannot see why any business would want to employ a leading law firm with the level of high costs associated, when the expertise is readily available and proven through EEF membership.”

Working together to influence government policy

Because we facilitate a direct link between businesses and the policy makers in London and Brussels, Fibercore can play its part in ensuring that manufacturing-related issues are kept at the heart of the government’s agenda.

“The support and services offered by EEF helps to make this process as easy as possible, even in light of more recent legislation in employment law and environmental changes.”

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  • We have facilitated a direct link between businesses and the policy makers enabling Fibercore to contribute to the ongoing development of policy and legislation – ensuring that manufacturing-related issues are at the heart of the government’s agenda
  • We provided in-depth research and practical market information allowing Fibercore to operate the highest level of HR and employment welfare
  • Our range of tailored training programmes have helped to keep Fibercore on the front foot – adding value to their business
  • We provided access to authoritative, up-to-the-minute management information that Fibercore have utilized in their approach to forge relationships with academic institutions – gaining recognition early and attracting entrepreneurial and inventive candidates to the business
  • By providing expert advice and guidance through membership we have successfully assisted Fibercore with the necessary processes to avoid an employment tribunal

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“I would recommend to other manufacturers that they should think about the immense value and breadth of service that EEF provides to its members.”
  • Dr Chris Emslie
    Managing Director


Fibercore Ltd

Location: Southampton, UK

Products: Optical Fibers

Number of employees: 25

Turnover: £9 million

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