How we work

Around a quarter of the UK’s manufacturing businesses are our members and many more use our services to help them work.

Because we understand manufacturers so well, policy makers trust our advice and welcome our involvement in their deliberations.  We work with them to create policies that are in the best interests of manufacturing, that encourage a high growth industry and boost its ability to make a positive contribution to the UK’s real economy.

Our policy work delivers real business value for our members, giving us a unique insight into the way changing legislation will affect their business. 

This insight, complemented by intelligence gathered through our ongoing member research and networking programmes, informs our broad portfolio of services; services that unlock business potential by creating highly productive workplaces in which innovation, creativity and competitiveness can thrive.

Our focus on manufacturing

Our ability to anticipate developments in the manufacturing arena, and to influence the legislation that governs it, will keep your business ahead of the curve.

Our broad portfolio of services are designed to deliver maximum value in modern manufacturing environments.  Because they’re delivered by individuals who are experts, both in their chosen field and in manufacturing itself, you can be sure they’ll be relevant to your business, tailored to your situation and relevant to your objectives. You can engage with us as a member business, or simply as a customer for our consultancy and training.


For our member community – around a quarter of all of the UK’s manufacturing businesses – we can offer a unique insight into emerging trends and the innovative new directions being taken by forward thinking-organisations. 

Through networking and regular intelligence reports we share these insights for the benefit of all, encouraging the cross fertilisation of ideas and the sharing of best practice that will keep your industry and your business competitive.

EEF is the only membership organisation dedicated entirely to the manufacturing industry.  That means when we represent manufacturers’ interests to government, we do so with expert knowledge and without compromise. 

As a result our views are trusted at the highest level and we are frequently called upon to advise regional, national and European policy makers.

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