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We are the manufacturers’ organisation, helping thousands of companies to evolve and compete in a fast-changing world.

EEF is dedicated to the future of manufacturing. Everything we do is designed to help manufacturing businesses evolve, innovate and compete in a fast-changing world. With our unique combination of business services, government representation and industry intelligence, no other organisation is better placed to provide the skills, knowledge and networks they need to thrive.

As the manufacturers’ organisation, we believe that a modern, competitive and innovative manufacturing industry is central to the UK’s economic future. Everything we do - working with manufacturers and policy makers - is designed to help that industry flourish and to meet the world’s evolving appetite for innovative and responsibly-produced manufactured goods.

Manufacturing is responsible for half of UK exports and its productivity regularly outpaces economic growth. All of this helps the UK maintain its position as the world’s ninth largest manufacturing nation – a position we’re working diligently to improve.

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Trade Body of the Year, Public Affairs Awards 2011; Best Rebrand by Sector - manufacturing and Best Implementation of a Rebrand