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Jeegar Kakkad July 23, 2009 14:39

If you're looking for ways to cut costs, why not sign up to one of our environmental performance seminars.  

Working with British Gas Business (BGB), EEF will be hosting five half day briefing and networking lunches, with experts from both BGB and EEF available to give advice to companies.

These half day conferences will provide companies with an insight to the low carbon innovation agenda in the UK with the regional impacts explained, and will then look in depth at the strategic tools to reduce costs through minimising the environmental impact of manufacturing operations and supply chain.

In particular there will be information on how manufacturers can cut costs by:

  • reducing raw material use
  • saving energy
  • reducing waste
  • developing and implementing an environmental strategy using an Environmental Management System and lean manufacturing

Help from EEF recently led to a Midlands company reducing electricity and gas consumption by 12% and 30% respectively and them achieving a zero cost waste management system.

The half day events will run from late September to mid October 2009:

  1. Chorley - 29th September,
  2. Leamington - Spa 1st October,
  3. Bristol - 8th October
  4. Sheffield -  14th October
  5. London - 20th October

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