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Why does everything cost £1bn pounds?

Jeegar Kakkad July 23, 2009 17:05

Is it just me or does everything cost a billion quid these days?

A new high speed rail? £1.1 billion pounds, please, over the next decade.

A shiny new Innovation Investment Fund to finance start-ups and new technologies? That'll be a billion bob over ten years.

The Energy Technology Institute? Hoping to raise one billion in the next decade.

Carbon capture and storage demonstraters? A billion a pop...over 10 years.

Investing in low-carbon cars? Why you need at least a billion over 10 years.

A new bank for industry? The CBI suggest a billion in capital should do the trick.

A billion here, a billion there...eventually it adds up to real money.

How would you spend a billion pounds?

Me? I'll be scrounging around for spare change to fund EEF's £1bn low-carbon energy 'X' Prize.




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