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What IEMA membership changes mean for your training programme (updated)

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This post was updated on 26 January, 2017.

Beginning in 2017, IEMA, the preeminent standard for sustainability training, has made changes to the structure of its membership levels and related accredited programmes.

EEF, as a leading provider of IEMA training for all industries across the UK, has outlined the changes in the diagram below (also available for download):


Clearly, several of the training requirements for achieving a particular membership level have become more time consuming (and presumably more expensive) to achieve. Those wanting to be recognised at the new Practitioner level of membership can still complete the 10 day IEMA Associate Certificate and EEF are running courses up to the end of March, when it is replaced by the new 15 day PIEMA Certificate in Environmental Management.

The NEBOSH environmental qualifications will also give you the academic requirements you need and can be more suited to those with a health and safety background.

Training managers responsible for ensuring proper training for their staff involved with sustainability should get in touch with an IEMA training expert to discuss how to effectively transition to the new requirements.


National sustainability Lead and Area Lead - North

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