EEF ‘Make it Britain’ Photography Competition

Our photography competition captures British manufacturing at its finest.

British manufacturing impacts on our daily lives, creating prosperity and jobs and it is vital to both our economy and wellbeing.

Ingenious, productive and beautiful are just three words that can be used to describe manufacturing. But as we all know a picture can say a thousand words so we challenge you to capture British manufacturing through your images!

This year's winning entries have been announced!

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If we make it, take it! Our winners win a share of £5,000 photography equipment

This year our photography competition celebrated manufactured products, components (the parts that make the product up) made here as well as processes that take place to make them.

We searched for images of:

  • Products;
  • Components (the parts that make the product up); or
  • The manufacturing process involved in making them (the production line or assembly process).

The images, taken abstract form or in full glory, could be of anything from forges to fighter jets, silicon chips to potato crisps! – parts may be sourced overseas, But remember if it’s made here it’s eligible!






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