Climate & environment consultancy

At EEF, we’re helping make the business climate change for the better. Whether you’re concerned with the day-to-day environmental impact of your operations or want to develop and deliver a sustainable business strategy that will differentiate your organisation, we’ve got the consultancy support and project management skills you’ll need.

We believe environmental responsibility acts as a spur to cost efficiency, competitiveness and growth.  And our services are designed to reflect that. As well as advising on compliance issues, we provide advice and support to help maximise business efficiency and reduce operating costs.  And we’ll help you establish your environmental credentials, so that, as your performance improves, so does your ability to win business.

We’ll help you identify the risks presented by your current operations and the opportunities that can be grasped if you change them. Our analysis and recommendations will prioritise the actions you must take to achieve compliance and the actions you’ll want to take because they’ll deliver business benefit.

From the ground up – raw materials and resource management

We’ll work with you to reduce the materials and energy you consume and to find ways to recycle, reuse and trade waste created during production.  And we’ll make sure the raw materials you’re using – and the way you handle them – comply with legislation. 

The working day - processes and procedures

We’ll work with you to develop and climate and environment strategy that encompasses either your entire business or a particular manufacturing process – as you require.  Then we’ll make sure that strategy is underpinned by systematic procedures that can be implemented with ease.

Make it right - product compliance

We’ll help you understand and observe the legislative requirements your products need to adhere to.  And we’ll help you understand your end-of-product-life commitments for reclamation, recycling and re-use – how you can adhere to them and how they can be administered efficiently.

Best foot forward – reducing your carbon footprint

EEF is working closely with government on its carbon agenda, which means we have a deep understanding of carbon reduction commitments and the future business implications of carbon trading.  We’ll help to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Here's just some of the ways that our environmental consultants can help your business

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