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Don’t delay - Save money with Rethink Waste campaign by 22. September 2010 15:08

Resource efficiency is quite simply a win-win approach, with benefits for both business and the environment.  It is for this reason that WRAP is relaunching their highly successful Rethink Waste campaign from September-November.  And it is why EEF is continuing its long-standing relationship with WRAP to deliver this campaign to as many manufacturers as possible. 


But don’t delay!  You have until Tuesday (September 28th) to sign up for this free initiative from WRAP to help improve your resource efficiency and save money.


Last years campaign connected with over 1500 manufactures of all sizes and sectors within the UK, helping to implement no-cost or low-cost measures which enhanced profits by the equivalent of 1% of turnover and in some cases as much as 3%.  With such an overwhelming business case to take action we hope to realise savings for an even greater number of manufacturers this year.


The best thing about the Rethink Waste Campaign, besides being free, is that it provides a simple structured approach to resource efficiency, helping businesses to: Understand how much waste they produce; understand the total cost of waste; identify simple ways to start reducing waste, and save money; and, measure the waste and cost savings made.


The course is delivered in a three-staged format through September-November, and is packed with advice on developing a methodical step-by-step approach to reducing waste within business.  The modules are also supported with a variety of information, from PowerPoint presentations, a virtual tour of business premises, an advice line, guides, and video case studies.


With so much attention on climate change one might think that waste is a secondary environmental issue for manufacturers – That is simply not the case.  EEF’s Environment Survey 2008, and 2009, both cited waste as the priority environmental issue for manufacturers.


Rethink Waste, therefore, provides an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to realise potentially significant financial and environmental benefits for their organisation.  By capitalising on what is an already established and successful resource efficiency programme, with engagement from industry experts and fellow peers, the experience should prove only positive. 



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