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EEF Advantages

Your membership unlocks savings and value you can’t get anywhere else.

EEF Advantages is a portfolio of services offered exclusively to our members and delivered by carefully selected Approved Partners. We respond to what you want, delivering strong commercial advantages that aren’t available on the open market.

Whilst they are delivered by partner organisations, we’re always there in the background providing you with the extra reassurance you deserve when taking on a new supplier.

EEF Advantages has saved our members over £3 million. Challenge us to get you a better deal.

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Your Advantages

  • Employee benefits

    We offer a portfolio of employee benefits, helping your recruitment campaigns to stand out and encourage employee loyalty.

  • Energy services

    We provide a full consultative energy service to ensure you obtain the most cost effective energy supplies for your business.

  • Healthcare

    We offer a bespoke healthcare cash plan that’s delivered by our partner Westfield Health, costing from just £1 per week, per employee.

  • Insurance

    We offer a range of member-focused, business insurance solutions through our partner RK Harrison Insurance Services.

  • Recruitment

    We’ve worked with WilsonHCG to develop a solution that reduces costs, maximises resources and provides an effective ‘internal’ direct recruiting model.

  • Research and development

    We offer access to R&D tax credits, R&D grants and Patent Box for your business.