Rules of the EEF Photography Awards 2013

Condition of Registration and Entry

1. By registering and entering the EEF Photography Awards you agree to these rules and all other terms and conditions.


2. All elements of the work submitted must have been originated by the entrant. While some retouching may have been applied, a significant majority of the final image must remain as shot.

3. Work submitted must not have previously been entered into another competition, including previous EEF Photography Competitions (now known as the EEF Photography Awards).

4. Those who enter may not be included on the judging panel, attend the judging process, or be involved in any part of the judging procedure.

5. No employee of EEF or partner organisations or their families shall be entitled to enter.

6. Photographs must reflect engineering or manufacturing through products, components or processes that have been made in Britain. Entries need not be confined to British companies so long as they are located in Britain.

7. Entrants under the age of 18 must obtain parental consent prior to submitting their image(s).

Entry Procedure and Format

8. Entry to the EEF Photography Awards is free of charge and there is no limit on the number of images that you can enter to the relevant category.

9. Entries for the EEF Photography Awards should be submitted on-line via the entry website, which is linked from:

10. Entrants must agree to complete the required entry fields in the online process.

11. No prints will be accepted.

12. An image may only be entered in to one category; Amateur, Professional or Young Person (14-19 years old).

13. Images will be accepted from a mobile device in two categories only : Amateur and Young Person (14-19 years old) (Change to rules)

14. The images in the Professional category are judged purely as photographs and not as an adjunct to design and art direction. Therefore no copy should appear on your photograph.

15. The entrant’s name must not appear anywhere on the actual image/work.

Image Specifications

16. Images should satisfy the following except for mobile device images:

16.1. RGB format

16.2. High-quality JPEG file (level 10 or above in Photoshop)

16.3. The maximum and ideal image size is 3508 x 2480 pixels or 3508 x 3508 pixels if square

16.4. Minimum image size 2400 x 1800 pixels

16.5. Alpha-numeric file names ending in ‘.jpg’.

17. Each image must be accompanied by the following information:

17.1. Entrant’s Name

17.2. Company (School or college for 14-19 year olds)

17.3. Full postal address

17.4. Telephone number

17.5. Email address

17.6. Image category

17.7. Image title

17.8. Image narrative (to include location of the facility / production site)

18. Name your image as you wish but please note that they will be re-named within the entry website system, to identify them uniquely as yours whilst preserving anonymity during judging. However, during upload, your own file name must contain only the letters A-Z (in upper or lower case) and / or the numbers 0-9 and / or the underscore character (“_”) plus the suffix “.jpg”. Any other characters including further dots, hyphens or spaces could result in your file being rejected during the upload process.

19. Each photograph must be accompanied by a narrative between 50 and 100 words to express why and / or how the image portrays modern manufacturing in Britain; in keeping with the themes of the EEF Photography Awards.

Dates & deadlines

20. Entries should be submitted from 3 June to midnight on 30 September 2013.


21. Entries will be judged by an independent and impartial panel of judges.

22. All images will be judged digitally.

23. Short listing will take place between 7 October and 18 October 2013.

24. The short listed entries will be announced on the EEF Photography Awards website on 4 November 2013.

25. Judging will take place in November 2013 - date to be confirmed.

26. The judges will then select the best entry in each of the following Categories:

  • Professional only
  • Amateur + new category image taken from a mobile device
  • 14-19 year old + new category image taken from a mobile device

Successful Entries

27. The shortlisted entries will be displayed on the Awards website.

28. The shortlisted entrants will be invited to attend the Photography Awards ceremony; date and venue to be advised.

29. The winner and runner-up images of each category will be announced at the Photography Awards ceremony; date and venue to be advised.

30. The successful, winning and runner-up, entries will be displayed indefinitely on the Awards website, as a record of achievement.


31. No copyright is transferred in respect of any images entered.

32. By submitting an image, you agree that EEF Ltd. and any of its partners can display, distribute, publish and alter any of the images in their activities to promote and support UK manufacturing for a period of five years.

33. Successful entries will be reproduced and may be used in various activities in connection with the EEF Photography Awards, which may include the internet, other electronic media, publications or events. By entering the EEF Photography Awards, entrants agree to their photographs being used for publicity purposes.

34. Where necessary, entrants must have permission from the client and photographer to submit the work. The entrant shall be deemed to warrant that they own the entire copyright in the work.

35. The entrant undertakes to indemnify the organisers and their partners and sponsors of the EEF Photography Awards in respect of any breach of the above warranty.


36. The organisers reserve the right to use its own discretion throughout the EEF Photography Awards process which may include, but is not limited to: disqualifying any entrant not complying with the rules; disqualifying any entries not deemed suitable for the EEF Photography Awards; amalgamating categories if they are under-subscribed; changing or removing the category headings when the selected images are published.

37. There will be no appeals against the decision of the judges and correspondence cannot be entered into regarding the judging.

38. Work will not be moved from one category to another by the judges, as it will be assumed that you will understand, before entering, which category best suits the image(s) entered. So be sure you read, and are aware of, the requirements for the categories first.

39. Any successful entrant to the EEF Photography Awards may be called upon during the following year to participate in any appropriate marketing and PR activities for and on behalf of the organisers.



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