REACH Regulations: still a business continuity risk for manufacturers

REACH isn't just a chemical industry issue - it has the potential to affect all manufacturers. Our new guidance helps you understand your obligations and our Substance Alert service helps you keep up-to-date with the latest developments.

REACH is the European Union’s chemicals Regulation that aims to ensure a high protection of human health and the environment from chemical substances. It obliges manufacturers of substances and products to assess the risks posed from their various uses and detail how to use them safely. As such, it relies heavily on communication up and down the supply chain.

Certain substances will require explicit permission before they can be used and restrictions may be placed on the use of other substances. If substances which are considered potentially dangerous are in products, you must let your customers (and possibly the European Chemicals Agency) know.

It is a common perception that REACH is a chemical industry issue. But this is incorrect: In fact, it has the potential to affect all manufacturers, workshops and craftsmen that use or import substances and materials, either alone or in mixtures. It even affects manufacturers that assemble imported components into products that are eventually placed on the European market.

This group of chemical users are referred to as “downstream users”. If you are a downstream user of chemicals, there are specific legal obligations that will apply to you and there are specific business continuity risks that you need to be alert to.

Our new guidance on REACH for manufacturers, and a summary of your legal obligations as a user of substances in products, is now available to download.

What are the potential risks to my business?

  • Disrupted supply as a result of substances being withdrawn from the market
  • Potential product disruption if substances are subject to restrictions or bans
  • Reputational damage with customers by failing to comply with REACH disclosure requirements
  • Loss of business and the threat of fines and prosecution if the legal requirements of REACH are not upheld

If you are affected by REACH, we can help you manage your obligations...

Substance Alert Service

The number of substances coming under regulatory control is increasing regularly – and is expected to carry on doing so for a number of years. It is a complicated and convoluted process. Our Substance Alert service will make sure you are aware of:

  • which substances are coming under the authorities' attention
  • when you can raise objections to their plans and how you can contribute to consultations
  • when new legal obligations come into force which require you to notify your customers and the authorities of the presence of certain substances
  • when you have an opportunity to request permission to continue to use business critical substances that are set to be banned by the European Commission.

Designed for manufacturers, our Substance Alert service will keep you abreast of developments so you can minimise risks to your business.

Seminars on environmental policy and REACH

We regularly hold environmental policy updates and seminars as well as REACH-specific events around the country.

Our next series of REACH-specific seminars will focus on future-proofing your products from the impact of REACH and will be held later this year. Further details will be published soon.

If you want to be notified of forthcoming events, just complete our feedback form.

Environmental consultancy

We also offer a range of consultancy services to assist you with your environmental impact and requirements.  We can help you understand your obligations and risks under REACH, in particular, how restrictions can affect your business and supply chain.

If you'd like to know more, just ask us about our consultancy services.

Learn how to manage your REACH risks

Join us at this one day training course to take away the uncertainty your business has around REACH and gain a clear plan with the tools to mitigate the risk. Our practical course will give you the knowledge and skills to evaluate the specific risk to your business and implement measures to reduce the risk.

Substances of Very High Concern, Authorisations and Restrictions

Find out the current status for substances that have been proposed or are candidates for authorisation or restriction - as well as those that have been through the process.

updated 5 September 2014:

download our latest information on the substances proposed or candidates for authorisation or restriction 

Find out when substances enter the REACH process - sign up to our REACH Substance Alert service

Our REACH Substance Alert service will keep you abreast of developments so you can minimise risks to your business.

We'll let you know when new substances are added to the list and when their status changes.

sign up to our substance alert service

REACH: awareness, activity and perceptions

reach awareness activities perceptions This paper provides an insight into the awareness,activity and perceptions amongst UK manufacturers around the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals Regulation (REACH)

download 'REACH: awareness, activity and perceptions'

How the REACH process works

reach process The process for substances coming under regulatory control is complicated and convoluted - our flowchart shows how it works.

download 'Substance bans and restrictions: how the process works'

REACH: guidance for manufacturers

This guidance document provides manufacturers with a straightforward and practical understanding of the requirements under REACH and the obligations facing our industry

download 'REACH: guidance for manufacturers'

REACH: obligations for downstream users

As a downstream user of chemicals, there are specific legal obligations that apply to you, and specific business continuity risks that you need to be alert to.

download 'REACH: obligations for downstream users'

A guidance note from the UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum

This leaflet provides you with an introduction to REACH Authorisation and what it might mean for your business. It also tells you where you can go to find out further information and where to get help. It has been prepared by the UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum to help smaller companies in particular understand the likely impact of Authorisation.

A guidance note from the UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum

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