EEF comment on Committee on Climate Change report

Commenting on the publication of the report by the Committee on Climate Change on the impact of Carbon Budgets on Energy Bills, Steve Radley, Director of Policy at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, said:

“This is confirmation, if any were needed, that low carbon policies are already pushing up prices significantly and, are set to escalate going forward. This is a major threat that needs to be addressed now as we cannot continue to load industry with costs which are in excess of our competitors. We also need greater transparency on the impact on electricity prices rather than bills which is misleading.”

“If we continue down this road it is not only Energy Intensive Industries that will be at risk at risk but, their supply chains which are essential if we are to support those companies already here, as well as attract inward investment

“In an increasingly competitive world we must keep a tight control of energy costs where we have a unilateral policy choice. This means keeping a lid on subsidies for green energy and the carbon price that is having an increasingly significant impact on the economics of gas-fired generation.

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