Manufacturing and Europe – reform from within

The European Union is vital to the long-term interests of UK manufacturing and the UK’s economic future.

Manufacturers, ranging from large multi-nationals to the smallest of SMEs, have given a clear message – Britain must remain part of the EU to ensure future growth. However, they also want to see a reformed EU – one that is more dynamic and focussed on economic as well as social goals. They want an EU that is fit for a changing world order, doing everything possible to reduce red tape, promote a competitive market economy and secure trade deals in key markets.

But importantly, while changing the EU is critical, manufacturers’ support for British membership is not conditional on this change. They want to see reform from within, with the UK leading the way, coupled with a leaner Commission in Brussels, reorganised to prioritise economic recovery and sustainable growth.

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Trade Body of the Year, Public Affairs Awards 2011; Best Rebrand by Sector - manufacturing and Best Implementation of a Rebrand