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HR and employment law

This section contains guidance on your responsibilities as an employer under employment law legislation.

You will also find model documents and letters, checklists and other tools to assist you. 

You should contact us on 0808 168 5874 for advice on your specific circumstances before acting on the guidance contained on this section of the website.

  • Downloads

    This section contains links to all of our downloadable model documents, example letters, project plans, how to's and checklists.

  • Current rates and limits

    This section contains an overview of the current rates and limits you need to take account of when employing people

  • Change and reorganisation

    This section covers change and reorganisation including TUPE transfers, redundancies, changing terms and conditions and making changes to pensions terms.

  • Collective bargaining, employee involvement and industrial action

    This section contains information about collective bargaining between employers and trade unions, employee involvement and dealing with industrial action.

  • Data protection

    This section covers key principles and definitions of the Data Protection Act, subject access requests, notification requirements and penalties for breaches.

  • Discipline, grievance, performance and sickness absence

    This section covers dealing with disciplinary and performance issues, the handling of grievances and the effective management of sickness absence.

  • Discrimination equal pay and whistleblowing

    This section covers the law on discrimination, protection for fixed and part time workers, equal pay, equality policies and protection for whistleblowers.

  • Employment tribunals and remedies

    This section contains information about employment tribunals and enforcing employment law.

  • Family rights and flexible working

    This section covers family rights in the workplace, flexible working and time off to deal with emergencies involving dependents.

  • Recruitment and types of workers

    This section covers recruitment, selection, securing acceptance of a job offer, induction and probationary periods. It also covers different types of workers.

  • Termination of employment

    This section covers dismissal, resignation, retirement, agreed termination and frustration.It also deals with unfair dismissal and post-termination issues.

  • Terms and conditions of employment

    This section covers contractual and non-contractual terms, working practices and discretionary benefits.

  • HR health check tool

    It only takes a few minutes to find out the areas of your approach to people management that may require your attention.