Watch the Sentencing guidelines: analysing the impact so far webinar

In this webinar we look at the impact of the sentencing guidelines and what health and safety managers can learn from some of 2016's key cases.

As the reality of the impact of the new sentencing guidelines is now clear with record fines for Scottish Power (£1.75m) and high profile cases like Alton Towers (£5m) we look at what health and safety managers should take from recent cases to make sure they have all of the preventative measures in place. Although the multi-million pound fines are the ones grabbing the headlines they are not the only significant impact from the new sentencing guidelines.

The full scale of fines has significantly increased with breaches that would have brought fines of tens of thousands in 2015 are now being set at hundreds of thousands. The potential impact of health and safety failures could now be business critical.

In this webinar we will unpick some of the key cases in 2016 to help health and safety manages understand how the courts are assessing culpability, the seriousness of harm risked and the likelihood of harm to give you the knowledge to fully protect the business.

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