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Health and safety salary tables 2017

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HSE salaries and career profilesIf you are considering a career in health and safety or environmental management, or are thinking of a career change, it’s important to know what salary to expect at each level of experience.

If you’re already a health and safety practitioner, knowing the market can help you have the right salary expectations moving forward.

The figures below represent the common salaries for both health and safety practitioners and environmental health and safety practitioners. 

Health and Safety salaries

Experience Median salary
0 - 5 years
£30,000 - £37,000
5 - 10 years
£37,000 -£40,000
10 - 20 years
£40,000 -£41,000
20+ year


Environmental Health and Safety salaries

Experience  Median salary 
0 - 5 years
£31,000 - £43,000
5 - 10 years 
£43,000 - £44,000
10 - 20 years
£44,000 - £51,000
20+ year



Correlation between IOSH membership level and average median salaries

IOSH membership level  Median salary 
Not a member
Chartered member
Chartered fellow

Source: IOSH 2017 salary survey


Career profiles

For more information to help you decide on a Health and safety career path read our blog post about why choose a career in health and safety.

Our health and safety and environment career profiles available for download (PDF) through the two forms below provide all the information about the right qualifications you will need for various HSE roles: 

Health and safety

  • Health and safety adviser
  • Health and safety manager
  • Senior manager in health and safety

Environment management

  • Environmental practitioner (Entry level)
  • Environmental manager (Operational)
  • Environmental senior manager (Leadership)
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