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With the increasing demand for skills in manufacturing and the significant leadership gap impacting productivity, it's crucial that organisations recruit, retain and develop the right skills for future growth.

The tools and information below will enable you to transform your business into a market leader and transform your workforce into the business’ leaders.

Why are leadership skills essential?

The EEF Skills Report found that the demand for people management and leadership skills is continually on the rise, with companies realising that the skills gap is one of their most critical challenges.



Leadership and productivity

Leadership skills have a big impact of business performance, innovation and productivity and can be the determining factor for the success and growth of your business. Upskilling and reskilling your workforce in the manufacturing sector is critical in order to enable businesses to make the most of their workforce and to be able to face major changes, such as Brexit and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 


Workforce development, as unique as you are

Don’t just call it training: EEF programmes are designed to fit your development needs, whatever they are. 

Developing your workforce can be done through open training courses delivered at one of our training centres, or in-plant training, delivered right at your premises. 
EEF also offers tailored consultancy solutions, aligned to your business goals and objectives, to help you develop skills, improve performance and increase productivity. 

Alternatively, you can also develop your leaders at your own pace with our quick, cost-effective and flexible range of Leadership and Management online courses.

Leader in creating leaders

At EEF we’ve been passionate about developing people and their skills for 120 years. We don’t just train: we are hands-on practitioners bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience into each session. Our range of professional management and leadership training can help you and your team achieve excellence. Watch our video to find out more about how we help British businesses creating leaders for future growth. 


Our accreditations: ILM and CMI

EEF’s training courses are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the most respected and recognised accreditation bodies for Leadership and Management in the UK. These accreditations are the tangible sign of EEF’s commitment to excellence, quality and the highest standard. This, combined with the industry-led approach of our trainers and the top standard of our venues (including 3 conference venues and one Venue of Excellence) make a unique learning experience for all the delegates. 

EEF offers both ILM-accredited commercial awards and Management Apprenticeship programmes. If you are not sure about what solution would best fit your business, take a look at our comparative table

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Useful tools

teamwork thumbBBR spot

Use our leadership gap analysis tool.  Our podcast on 4IR and skills has advice about digital future.


Case studies

ArchwoodGroup Employee development takes centre stage after EEF management training

Archwood Group creates a learning working environment Employee development takes centre stage

Maximum development, minimum travel

Between a network of 12 training centres in the UK, including 3 iconic residential venues, EEF has a truly national coverage, making sure you and your team can make the most out of your time.


Choose the training centre closest to you and say goodbye to long travel times.



Make Great in Manufacturing

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