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Catapult centres relish the challenge of developing new techniques

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Engineers are problem solvers and innovators. They delight in looking for new and better ways of doing things. That’s why we support the Future Manufacturing Awards and celebrating the very best the UK has to offer in innovation.

The AMRC, Sheffield – one of two Catapult centres in a region that was once the cradle of the Industrial Revolution – is developing the technologies that are at the heart of the next Industrial Revolution. There are no oily rags or swarf to be found in the AMRC.  Our newest development, Factory 2050, is a circular temple of glass, where our engineers work on a futuristic factory floor with machines that can be relocated by a programmed autonomous vehicle or a remote control held in the hand.

Hydro-awards This cutting edge technology is what makes the AMRC such a sought after partner: especially in sectors like aerospace and medicine, where the market demands the relentless pursuit of innovation. While we relish the challenge of developing and designing new technologies, we know that what makes the AMRC and the other six High Value Manufacturing Catapults so innovative is the people who inhabit them. Without people, these buildings would be sterile structures of alloy and glass.

There is a real buzz and excitement about what we do, which attracts innovators and people who want to make an impact. We are seen as being key to unlocking the potential of advanced manufacturing to deliver of a more productive economy and a more equitable society. To help us achieve the latter, we created the AMRC Training Centre which currently provides top-of-the-range apprenticeships for 250 learners a year drawn from parts of the region where education and hope often ends at 16.

Our apprentices are taught in first-class facilities, with a curriculum that is directly shaped by our more than 250 industry partners. But at the AMRC we like to push boundaries: break new ground. To be truly innovative, our Training Centre has opened three different pathways for bright, ambitious young apprentices to become graduate engineers.

This can be delivered as part of an apprenticeship standard or as a standalone qualification and is wonderful example of the innovative thinking that the EEF, the manufacturers’ organization, is celebrating with its Future Manufacturing Awards 2017. The AMRC approach to training is being seen as a model for the rest of the UK, helping build the engineering talent of the future and putting UK Plc on the path to a more balanced and sustainable economy through advanced manufacturing.

You can enter the EEF Awards’ innovation category, with an extended entry deadline 31 July 2017.


Director, AMRC Training Centre

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