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Making R&D tax relief claims simple through science - Jumpstart

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EEF’s new Advantages Partner Jumpstart is making the often complicated world of R&D tax relief much simpler for manufacturers.


Insights spoke to Jumpstart Managing Director Scott Henderson about their secret weapon: science.


Who is Jumpstart and what makes you different?



We are R&D tax relief specialists that use technologists and scientists to understand the science behind our client’s research. This means we can better identify the research and match it to HMRC’s qualifying criteria for R&D tax relief.


Understanding the science behind the research allows us to produce more accurate, robust and defensible claims. This has also given us a track record in identifying higher values of R&D expenditure than many competitors.


The depth of training that our team has is what makes us different. We have 14 Technical Analysts and of those Analysts more than half have PhDs in their fields. We have also established an internal academy to train the team about HMRC’s legislation. The result is the meshing together of academic knowledge and industrial experience, all underpinned with thorough working knowledge of HMRC’s legislation.


Why are the services your offer important to manufacturers?


Manufacturing in the current climate, with a focus on innovation and the 4th Industrial Revolution, means more manufacturers are involved in R&D across a range of fields. Some companies could be looking to reduce the weight of components, others might be involved in automation or robotics. We’ve worked with manufacturers who are involved in everything from chemistry projects to mechanical engineering.


Modern manufacturing takes into account a wide range of sciences, and it would be difficult for other R&D tax relief providers with a more narrow technical understanding to grasp the range of research carried out by manufacturers.


Jumpstart however has four software engineers working as Technical Analysts, we have mechanical engineers, we have chemists, biologists, and one material scientist. In short, we have wider range of knowledge to help assist our clients in identifying qualifying eligible activity.


Why have you joined EEF as an Advantages partner?


There are real opportunities for EEF members to increase the amount of benefit they realise from the R&D scheme. Jumpstart and EEF have developed an attractive offering for members ensuring that, whether you are already claiming R&D tax relief or have yet to take advantage of the scheme, you can maximise your return from a claim and that your claim is robust and defensible.


Click here find out more about this offering for EEF members



What are the benefits for EEF members?


The manufacturing sector takes the lion’s share of R&D tax relief in the UK. The last figures for the year ending March 2015 showed that of £2.45 billion of relief that the HMRC gave back to businesses, £770 million went to manufacturers.


Because of the range of sectors Jumpstart covers, and the specialist knowledge to boot, we think we can do more justice to the manufacturing sector by making sure we have specialists on hand who can look at the breadth of projects and look at the specific science behind the research involved. 

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