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EEF welcomes Lord Hill Portfolio and Commission Reform

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Commenting on the appointment of Lord Hill as EU Commissioner for Financial Services, Terry Scuoler, Chief Executive of EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, said:

“Britain must punch above its weight in Brussels and our commissioner has to play a key role in the reform, growth and competitiveness agenda for the EU. This portfolio gives Lord Hill a chance to do that in an area of policy which is of critical importance for the UK economy.”

On the restructuring of the Commission, Terry Scuoler, added:

“The President has indicated that he means business by restructuring the Commission to ensure more focus on growth. The new Commission must now demonstrate a clarity and single-mindedness ensuring their support for industry, growth and job creation are at the heart of the Commission’s new agenda.

“The commitment to cut red tape, through a First Vice President for Better Regulation, is a welcome move. His motto should be: 'do less'. The EU must urgently move to improve the regulatory framework across all member states and move away from a culture which seeks to legislate first. In particular there should now be a mandatory 'competitiveness test' for all new proposals. Any that fail should be ditched automatically. ”

Notes for Editors:

Today’s announcement reflects much of what EEF had called for in its Europe Manifesto, published in April. In the manifesto, EEF called for:

• Clustering of Directorates, including Energy & Climate Change• The appointment of a Board of Commissioners to oversee policy work. This has been reflected in the creation of new Vice Presidents as Team Leaders• A powerful Brussels red tape taskforce. This has been reflected to some degree in the creation of a Vice President for Better Regulation. The portfolio has been given to the Netherlands which is very much aligned with the UK’s position of cutting red tape in Brussels


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