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EEF comment on Airport expansion delay rumours

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Commenting on rumours of a delay in a decision on expanding airport capacity, Chris Richards, Senior Business Environment Policy Adviser at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, said:

“If a decision on building a new runway has been ducked then it marks another blow for Britain’s exporters. It would mean that while the government may talk-the-talk about boosting Britain’s exports and productivity it fails when it comes to  making a firm decision and getting on with it. Delay and dithering is bad for business. I hope the Government moves quickly to dismiss this speculation by sticking to its promise to make a clear decision before the end of this year.”


  • 79% of manufacturers expressing a business need for airport expansion, would prefer this to be at Heathrow
  • The more export intensive manufacturers become, the more important aviation becomes as an infrastructure network to their business
  • The Government set up the Airports Commission in the last Parliament to make a recommendation on how best to maintain Britain’s status as an international hub for aviation, it then requested a recommendation after the General election despite the fact that the Commission could have reported before.
  • The role of the Airports Commission was welcomed by industry, focussing a wide ranging debate on key issues such as noise, environmental impacts and the economic importance of aviation. The Commission made a clear and unanimous recommendation that a third runway at Heathrow is the best choice for Britain – a decision backed by Britain’s manufacturers.


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