Seminar for manufacturers looking to tackle the gender pay gap and improve workplace gender equality

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EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, is running a series of seminars around the UK designed to help firms tackle the gender pay gap and improve workplace gender equality.

The seminars are the next stage in its campaign of support for companies as they gear up for compulsory gender pay reporting. The seminars follow the latest Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, issued by ONS, which shows a national average full-time gender pay gap of 9.4% for 2015.

EEF research shows that gender pay gap reporting is going to be a significant challenge for many companies – less than one in ten (9%) currently report any gender pay information. There is also little understanding of the forthcoming requirements, plus the ability of companies to actually provide data is a key concern.

However, 47% of firms see gender pay reporting as an opportunity to benchmark themselves against peers and other industries, while 38% say it will help them get to grips with their pay structures and auditing.

The seminars will look to overcome concerns and boost recognition of the benefits of gender pay reporting. They will explain the Government proposals for compulsory reporting and how companies can prepare in advance. Firms will also be able to discuss their own pay gap figures and experiences of gender equality issues.

Reporting is however only part of the issue – firms need to know how to go about closing the gender pay gap in their business. To provide them with ideas and fresh thinking, the seminars look at how to cultivate gender equality in a modern manufacturing workplace. Attendees will hear from a member of EEF’s Women in Manufacturing Group and get to share best practice.

The sessions will also look at the reasons behind a rise in equal pay claims in the private sector and consider the steps needed to reduce the risk of such a claim. EEF’s employment law experts will help firms to understand how the law on equal pay works in practice.

Lucy Atherton, Legal Compliance expert at EEF, says: “Many firms will dread the potential research and policy changes required by the gender pay gap requirements coming into effect next year. However, many have also been quick to spot the opportunity it provides to gather important data and identify areas for improvement. Companies that fully embrace this opportunity can expect to have more innovative and forward-thinking policies that attract and retain employees.

“The exact details of how the gender pay gap requirements will be implemented won’t be known until next year, but companies looking to stay ahead of their competitors and impress their stakeholders should be well prepared with their data and strategies in advance. The UK is clearly heading down a path of narrowing the gender pay gap and no one wants to be left behind.”

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