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EEF comment on Energy and Climate Change Committee CCS Report

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Commenting on today’s publication on the future of Carbon Capture & Storage by the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, Claire Jakobsson, Head of Energy and Climate Policy at EEF said:

“The Energy and Climate Change Select Committee’s report reinforces the short-sightedness of the Government’s decision to withdraw funding for the CCS competition. Indeed, the Government’s own plans for decarbonising the economy had long included the growth of CCS technology and it is difficult to see how we can meet existing targets for decarbonising industry, and at a reasonable cost, without such technology in place.

“For many sectors, such as steel and cement, there are simply no other options available for cutting emissions. No Government support for CCS locks many industrial sectors into a carbon intensive future paying increasing amount in carbon taxes and puts them at a competitive disadvantage. We are running short of time if we are to have any chance of an industrial CCS programme in the UK and the Government needs to come up with a strategy fast.”


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