Leave ‘playing political poker’ with people’s jobs – manufacturing chief warns

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The Leave campaign is today expected to present its blueprint for Brexit, including a recommendation that the Government should not try to maintain membership of the single market in its negotiations.

Terry Scuoler, CEO of EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, comments: "In attempting to chart what life would be like in a post-Brexit world, the Leave campaign has started to reveal its hand rather cynically just days before people vote.

“For industry their plans would unleash a raft of problems. Manufacturing is starting to show signs of much-needed stabilisation and the leave campaign talks about withdrawing from the single market - where nearly half of our goods are sold. It's breathtakingly foolish to pretend to the British public that this would be good for Britain. I hope people will realise the terrible risk this represents. It is playing political poker with the economy, with people's jobs and livelihoods being used as chips."

Six in ten EEF members (61%) want the UK to remain in the EU, while just 5% support a ‘Brexit’. The majority of EEF members say that remaining in the EU is important (50%) or business critical (20%) for their company. 82% say it doesn’t make sense for the UK to cut itself off from its major market.


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