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EEF comment on speech by Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP at the Broadband World Forum

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Commenting on the speech by the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP at the Broadband World Forum, Chris Richards, Senior Business Environment Adviser at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, said:

“A full Fibre to the Premise rollout will not only deliver on speeds but also resolve the issue of reliability, latency and resilience, while also future proofing the networking in a way that no current technology solution can. As manufacturers gear up to take advantage of more internet enabled capital equipment as part of the 4th Industrial Revolution, government needs to stay one step ahead to enable fibre to the premise rollout and the productivity benefits it will bring. The announcement on fibre as the future is a positive step in that regard.”

EEF research shows the importance of digital to UK manufacturers:

  • 91% of manufacturers say a high speed internet connection is as essential to business as electricity and water
  • Over a third of manufacturers are spending more than £5,000 pa on internet connections (23% of small manufacturers, 50% of mid-sized and 89% of large)
  • A third of manufacturers have invested in a dedicated leased line connection
  • 62% of firms plan to invest more in internet connected capital equipment in the next five years
  • Just over 50% of manufacturers say their current internet connection isn’t adequate enough for their expected needs over the next five years (only 35% said it was).


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