Brexit: EU Tech & Industry employers call for progress on transitional agreement

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An agreement on a time limited transitional period, based on the status quo, must be a priority for conclusion by the end of this year. This is necessary to ensure legal certainty, a stable and predictable legal framework and avoid a two-step adjustment for companies that form part of complex, intertwined and global supply chains.

Brussels, 13 December 2017 – Manufacturers throughout Europe need certainty. The certainty to plan their business decisions and carve out their long-term strategies. The outcome of the Brexit referendum in 2016, threw this certainty into jeopardy. Since Article 50 was triggered in March 2017, too little has been clarified.

Time is not on our side, at midnight on 29 March 2019 the UK will no longer be a member of the EU and its single market. There will be no business as usual. At the same time, 35 million direct and indirect employees, and entire economies, depend on the fact that EU companies need to remain internationally competitive.

To obtain a “reasonable deal in reasonable time” for all European manufacturers, with a minimal disruption for business, employers and employees, Ceemet puts 3 key recommendations forward: 

  1. Maintain free and frictionless trade, avoiding tariff and non-tariff barriers to the movement of goods and services and ensuring the integrity of the single market;
  2. Enable people to move freely across borders to support complex supply chains and address the sector’s skills gap;
  3. Ensure a single regulatory environment, supported by mutual recognition and regulatory cooperation.

Consultation of industry is essential in ensuring negotiations deliver a deal which works for manufacturers across Europe and in the UK.

Ceemet’s Director General, Uwe Combüchen, states that “companies across the continent expect swift progress on transitional arrangements.  Consulting industry helps avoiding unintended consequences and economic collateral damage arising from a failure to agree an orderly exit.”


About Ceemet

Ceemet represents the metal, engineering and technology-based industry employers in Europe, covering sectors such as metal goods, mechanical engineering, electronics, ICT, vehicle and transport manufacturing.

Member organisations represent 200,000 companies in Europe, providing over 17 million direct and 35 million indirect jobs.

Ceemet is a recognised European social partner at the industrial sector level, promoting global competitiveness for European industry through consultation and social dialogue.


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