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EEF celebrates 120 years of serving manufacturing and engineering

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EEF reaches a new landmark as we celebrate 120 years backing Britain’s makers and serving our member businesses.


Formed in 1896 by engineering employers in the Clyde shipyards in Glasgow, EEF’s original purpose was “collective action to protect individual firms and local associations, the ‘power to manage’, and the maintenance of industrial peace through established procedure.”  Effectively, EEF functioned as a ‘Union’ of Employers and negotiated from this stance with Trade Unions.

Fast forward 120 years and we remain the largest and most influential sectoral employers’ organisation as well as a leading provider of business support services to industry covering everything from employment law to health and safety, environmental management and sustainability to apprenticeships and training and development.

Says Terry Scuoler, EEF’s CEO:

"120 years is a significant milestone and one which we are very proud to celebrate. Members are the lifeblood of our organisation and we remain absolutely committed to serving them by representing their interests at the highest levels of government, and by delivering services which help their businesses remain compliant, productive and future-focused."

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