Design Council

Design Council is an independent charity, originally established in 1944, which champions great design and helps foster innovation in business, public services and the built environment.

Design supports business growth by getting to the heart of a business: a way of working which leads to increased sales, develops new markets and transforms R&D into new products. Working together, the Design Council and EEF have developed a design programme specifically for the manufacturing sector.

Based on the Design Council’s existing successful business support service, the programme is built solidly on EEF’s deep and broad sector knowledge and on-going engagement with manufacturing companies of every size and shape. In particular, the programme recognises the diverse growth challenges and opportunities of the manufacturing sector and produces practical and relevant real-world solutions.

It provides access to a small and carefully selected network of highly experienced design management specialists, whose hands-on, practical and independent direction helps them identify challenges and highlight key opportunities where design can add real commercial value. It can have significant impact on helping to define the vision and strategy of a business, as well as supporting a deeper understanding of customers and users. It can shape a product and service development process and is crucial to how a business presents itself to the world.