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Tata Steel

Tata Steel is an innovation driven company, which combines a personal service for customers with a creative flair for developing new ideas. We make it our mission to find solutions for our customers and for society as a whole - from pioneering the future of electric vehicles through advanced steels, to trialling new technologies for energy-efficient buildings and innovative food packaging.

Tata Steel is driving the development of new and innovative materials, and the necessary manufacturing technologies to produce them economically and sustainably. This includes major investments such as our high-tech tailor welded blanking line in the West Midlands, allowing the use of the most appropriate steel grade and thickness in exactly the right place on the component, optimising panels for weight and cost without compromise to safety performance. 

Earlier this year we celebrated the opening of the Steel and Metals Institute, marking a new approach in Tata Steel’s UK R&D with significant investment in facilities based at Swansea University and the University of Warwick. Tata Steel’s ties with UK academia are well rooted, funding six professorial chairs, while more than 80 researchers work directly for Tata Steel in the UK. 

Tata Steel’s researchers deliver ‘metals solutions’ to Tata Steel sites around the world, meaning the UK benefits from a global network of top class innovation combined with cutting edge technology and industrial-scale testing.  We live by an ethos of open innovation not just within our own company, but with our partners in academia, our customers and wider industry.

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