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Getting your Apprenticeship Programme right

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Designing an apprenticeship programme that works hard for your business can seem a daunting task. But with forward planning, the right processes in plan, and making use of support available to you, you can be up and running in no time.

Establish your needs
Once you’ve decided you want to take on an apprentice, the next step is to determine what your business needs are. Do you need an apprentice to work in maintenance, for example? If so, what skills and type of apprenticeship will support them in their role? By understanding this you’ll be able to ensure you start looking for the right candidate for your business.

Identify support within the organisation
Once you know what division and role your apprentice will be working in, you should look to identify who is already in the business that can support your new team member. Apprentices need a point of contact to be their manager, coach and mentor. By making sure this person has bought into the process from the early stages, ahead of recruitment, will ensure they are fully briefed and understand their role within the apprentice’s development. 

Make sure potential employees understand your business
When it comes making your apprenticeship programme is a success, it’s important to ensure potential apprentices understand your business. For example, if they are going to be working in a manufacturing environment, is it very modern or quite traditional? What is the culture like? By understanding these factors, and communicating them to candidates, everyone will know what they will be getting and will eliminate any surprises. This in turn should ensure new apprentices are happy from day one and don't feel out of place, which could ultimately lead to them leaving the programme early.

Keep motivating
It’s important to keep apprentices motivated – they are keen, young and passionate individuals so make sure you harness their enthusiasm. Not only will it keep them motivated, it will deliver great results for your business to have an enthusiastic employee. Think about different ways to encompass them into the wider organisation – could there be secondment opportunities? What about upskilling them to be able to support in other departments? Any opportunity for your apprentice to push themselves will show that you’re investing in them and their future with your company.

Let EEF help you
We can help you every step of the way in your apprenticeship programme, from identifying your needs, through the recruitment process, to delivering training and monitoring the progress of your apprentice.

Talk to EEF about starting or getting more value from your apprenticeship programme. Call 0121 331 3930. 


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