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Technology Hub Machinery 101: 600 Group

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Find out more about our new Technology Hub near Birmingham and the amazing equipment that's being installed there. 

Supplier: 600 Group Plc

Machines: Colchester Master lathes

Who else uses this kit?

We supply our Colchester Master centre lathes to both education and industry, in particular to general engineering shops and subcontract component suppliers where they would be utilised by engineering apprentices and skilled lathe engineers. Industrial sectors including automotive, power generation, oil and gas and machinery OEMs would use this type of turning machine.

What is it used for?

The four centre lathes that we will be providing at the Technology Hub are used to cut/turn metal into engineering components from items such as screws, nuts and bolts, through to major engineering components and assemblies.

How new is it?

This is a proven engineering technology which has been around for many years. The Master has recently had a facelift to give enhanced ease of use for the operator. Although the Colchester Master centre lathe is not as sophisticated as its CNC counterparts, it is still one of the most popular centre lathes in the world.

What makes it special?

There is still great demand for Colchester centre lathes from apprentices being trained on this machine. They get to learn the basics from the ground-up. Since the lathe is manual, they’re learning how to make components from start to finish and need to deploy their practical and technical skills throughout the process. Many engineers then progress onto full CNC turning during their careers, which would be impossible without gaining these fundamental skills and understanding beforehand.

What can you make with it?

A wide range of machined engineering components including, basic nuts, screws and bolts through to complex instrumentation, flanges, valve & cylinder housings and vehicle engine parts.


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