Technology Hub Machinery 101: Automated Technology Group

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Find out more about our new Technology Hub near Birmingham and the amazing equipment that's being installed there. 

Supplier: Automated Technology Group

Machines: Fanuc Robot LR-Mate 2001D/4S with 30iB Mate Open controller, the Kuka KR10 R 1100 and the ABB IRB 120.

What’s being installed? Five industrial robots into individual guarded cells along with specific levels of safety precautions that allows the trainee to focus on learning how to use and program the robot in a controlled environment where the risks of damage is significantly reduced compared to being trained in an industrial setting.

What are they used for? Robots may be programmed to carry out varied tasks, which include welding, painting, assembly, product handling, product inspection often used to perform duties that are dangerous, unsuitable or repetitive for human workers to carry out.

Where in industry are they used? Utilised across varied manufacturing industries from aerospace, agriculture, automotive, electronics, food and beverages, medical, and pharmaceutical.

Why are they great to learn on? These are the top industrial robots used by manufacturers, so trainees will get to work on machines they could use in the workplace. All three use virtual programming software (with different software packages so the trainees can learn how they work differently) so you can program something in the virtual world and then take it to the real world or vis versa.

What makes these models so good? The robots used at the Technology Hub are new models with more flexibility, articulation, speed and easier to setup and program than previous models.

“I’ve worked in robotics for many years and for me they are like a grown up version of a gaming console.” – Pete Mitchell, Principal Robotics Engineer, Automated Technology Group

ABB — IRB 120                                    Kuka — KR10 R 1100                  Fanuc Robot LR-Mate 2001D/4S

irbabbatg          SixxKukaATG              LRMateFanucATG

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