Inside an engineering apprenticeship: Sania Shahzad

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Winner of the Neil Tonks Endeavour Award, EEF Apprentices & Skills Awards

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

During sixth form I did a work experience at UTC Aerospace, and I really liked the working environment there.

I chose an apprenticeship because you have the flexibility to try a lot of different things and as you’re learning figure out what you enjoy doing along the way.


What’s your apprenticeship like so far?

I’m doing a mixture of a Higher and Advanced apprenticeship, where you can go onto further education and qualifications if you want. I’m doing an aerospace apprenticeship at UTC Aerospace, but I’m still in the process of selecting a career.

I’m enjoying the work because it is extremely varied and not at all repetitive. You’re constantly learning new things, because what you do one day, you won’t be the next. I work in different departments, so sometimes I'm carrying out tasks or other times I'm managing projects. It’s challenging, but I like that I get to manage my own time.


What’s your favourite thing about training at the Tech Hub/Technology Training Centre?

The teachers – you can ask them whatever you want and they can answer based on their experience working in engineering. They make learning really enjoyable.


What do you enjoy about engineering? Why do you want to work in manufacturing?

I was drawn to engineering, because you get to learn the how and why of the way things work.

“Saina has developed continuous over the first year of her apprenticeship and her confidence has improved dramatically. During this first year Saina has worked hard to achieve a high quality of work and is on the journey to becoming a very confident and proficient engineer.”

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