Where can a career in manufacturing take you?

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Want to learn about what roles there are in a manufacturing organisation? Our Top Trump cards bring to life the key roles within an organisation – it is easy to play, just download and print our trump cards, get together with a group of friends or family and start to discover what would be your ideal role will be – be a winner with the highest salary*, highest bonus or the most technical role.

Instructions for Top Trumps:
-Print all of the card sets: set 1, set 2, set 3, set 4
-Make sure that you print these double sided so you can create your card deck
-Cut out the individual cards (printing them double sided means the backs automatically match up)
-Start playing!

 EEF-Top-Trump-Cards-Phase-3-Nov-2016-Fitter-and-Assembler  EEF-Top-Trump-Cards-Phase-3-Nov-2016-Graduate-Engineer
 EEF-Top-Trump-Cards-Phase-3-Nov-2016-Health-and-Safety-Manager  EEF-Top-Trump-Cards-Phase-3-Nov-2016-HR-Director
 EEF-Top-Trump-Cards-Phase-3-Nov-2016-Maintenance-Technician  EEF-Top-Trump-Cards-Phase-3-Nov-2016-Management-Accountant
 EEF-Top-Trump-Cards-Phase-3-Nov-2016-Managing-Director  EEF-Top-Trump-Cards-Phase-3-Nov-2016-Skilled-Machinist
 EEF-Top-Trump-Cards-Phase-3-Nov-2016-Warehouse-Worker  EEF-Top-Trump-Cards-Phase-3-Nov-2016-Welder

 *salary data from the EEF Salary Benchmark Survey

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