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Passion and Dedication: How Ishida is leading apprenticeship excellence with EEF

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With a five year track of record of continuous success as the Ishida learning and development manager, Simon Cutler tells EEF that passion and dedication is helping ensure success for the company and its future stars.



Ishida has partnered with EEF to develop an apprenticeship programme that does much more than train competent future manufacturing and engineering professionals. With a dedication to nurturing and moulding the company’s leaders of the future, the Ishida apprenticeship scheme actively develops excellence. Ishida learning and development manager Simon Cutler, says the investment value of developing highly skilled, practically trained, loyal future company leaders outweighs the cost of developing a programme itself.


Ishida learning and development manager Simon Cutler. 


Ishida is a family business at its core, operating on a global stage to deliver high-end weighing and packaging solutions for the food industry. Despite being relatively small for the global position it holds, the company is a market leader in the industry, supplying product solutions to large international companies such as PepsiCo.

 “Because we are a family business, we have a strong ethics for how we do business,” Simon explained, something that is essential as part of their apprenticeship programme.


Simon, who brought with him and extensive background in apprenticeship programme development, introduced an apprentice scheme to Ishida in 2011, starting off with two young trainees. Five years later, the company now has 11 apprentices and continuous to grow, with 100% employment success rate of the young people Ishida has trained.

The company has manufacturing operations across the UK and with a range of apprentices to train, has needed a solution that fits its specific needs. Partnering with EEF has been a crucial step in ensuring this success, with EEF helping Ishida develop a flexible programme that focuses on nurturing young people over a four year period to become valued future manufacturing and engineering leaders.

The Ishida programme involves each apprentice receiving carefully scripted four year development plans for the duration of their apprenticeship with planned placements, learning objectives and outcomes aligned to their engineering pathway.

This includes setting each young individual up with a company mentor giving them on-the-job insights and training. Midlands based apprentices spend four days a week training on site at the EEF Technology Training Centre in Birmingham, while Simon helps plan careers paths for every individual apprentice.

“Having managed programmes before, I know what a good apprentice looks like and it comes down to very careful selection and planning. I create a journey of discovery for them and set milestones for them to achieve.“


Simon believes that the apprenticeship scheme at Ishida is successful because of the passion and dedication that is put into the programme.

 “The Ishida programme is successful for a number of reasons and key to that is a belief that it works. I set high, challenging and achievable targets, meeting their expectations and setting them on successful career paths.”

As a company, Ishida benefits by investing in the future growth and long term success of the business.

“The apprenticeship programme generates trust and an increase in morale, increasing engagement on all levels of the business. Apprentices take pride in being part of Ishida, which foster pride throughout the company.”

To find out how EEF can help your company develop an apprenticeship programme, click here.

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