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Meet our award-winning apprentices

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EEF recently held its annual Apprentice Graduation Ceremony to recognise the efforts and certifications achieved by its graduating class of apprentices. The ceremony always includes handing out awards to a top-performing apprentices in five categories. Here are this year's winners:


Neil Tonks – Endeavour Award

Nialls Whley, UTC

“Nialls Whyley completed his first year on time despite the fact that his mother was seriously ill. While his mother was ill Nialls continued to come into the centre, he remained focused on what he was doing and despite what personal issues he had and he remained one of the happiest and most positive apprentices in the year. Nialls did not let the passing of his mother affect his apprenticeship and he has progressed in his second year and he is still just as happy as he was in his first year. Nialls has been an inspiration to all of those who have met and worked with him.”

First Year Award

Daniel Robinson, Severn Trent Water

“Daniel is an exemplary apprentice who consistently gives 100% in every task put in front of him and strives for perfection in all he does. He was always on hand to offer his peers support and does so in a professional manner showing great leadership qualities. His natural ability was remarked by many and his outstanding talent for PLC programming was utilised when taking part in a World Skills event representing EEF and Severn Trent Water. There is no doubt he will continue the rest of his apprenticeship with the same skill and flair to become a valuable asset to his company.”

Outstanding Achievement in an Academic Subject

Georgina Rhodes, Ishida Europe

“Georgina Rhodes, Ishida “During her BTEC Studies last year, Georgina was an exceptionally hardworking student, whose inquisitive nature and perseverance, led to her gaining the highest achievable grade. Georgina always provided a positive contribution in his lessons. Her work was of such a high standard that some is being used as exemplars this year.”

Technical Certificate Award

Chelsea Burton, BSA Guns

“Chelsea has always shown a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication for her studies, which has led to her achieving the highest possible result on her BTEC. She produced an outstanding level of high quality work for her technical certificate, her project was exceptional.”

Final Year Award

Hannah Black, Severn Trent Water

“Hannah has been a leading example to many throughout her apprenticeship and has become the face of Apprenticeships at Severn Trent Water. During the course of her apprenticeship she taken on many opportunities to develop and prove herself through involvement in multiple challenging projects, as well as academic study, mentoring and developing new apprentices, particularly the encouragement and promotion of female apprentices and engineers.”



This person has now left EEF. Please contact us on 0808 168 1874 or email us at if you have any questions.

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