Precision Micro | EEF

Precision Micro has been at the cutting edge of photo-etching for the last 5 decades, and is a division of Meggitt PLC, a £1.5 billion, global engineering group specialising in extreme environment components for aerospace and energy.

So what is photo-etching? Well in a nutshell, it is a sheet metal processing technology that produces precision micro-components using selective chemistry for a wide range of high-tech engineering markets, including automotive, aerospace and medical.

With photo-etching you have a technology that is at the forefront of the micro manufacturing of metal parts; with Precision Micro you have the number one supplier of the technology, so the career possibilities are vast.

Precision Micro offers apprentices huge opportunities in a cutting edge business that is stimulating innovation and product development with an array of companies across the world.

Initially learning the basic engineering skills, our apprentices, by rotation between the various processes and departments, develop a core understanding of the company’s unique photo-etching process. This core understanding will provide invaluable grounding which will be used to assist the company with its drive towards new technologies and automation.

Working for Precision Micro, you will never sit in a car, sit on a plane, watch a motor race, or pick up any of a host of products containing microelectronic components again without knowing that you helped develop best in class technologies and products the world over.

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