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How Melrose Industries PLC ensure compliance with carbon and energy legislation across international borders

The breadth and complexity of environmental regulations, reporting and taxation is constantly increasing. For those in an energy intensive industry, such as manufacturing, this challenge can threaten the very business viability of a company. For several years, Melrose Industries PLC has turned to EEF as their trusted partner for advice, reporting and strategy when it comes to compliance with national and international carbon and energy standards.

“We place reliance on EEF’s technical expertise to keep up to date on requirements. With EEF, we can be safe in the knowledge that we’re protected from all angles.” – Adam Westley, Company Secretary, Melrose Industries PLC


As a company that helps turn around underperforming manufacturing firms, Melrose Industries PLC knows a firm understanding of the best way to approach environmental regulations is a must. In 2012, with the advent of greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting in the UK, Melrose Industries PLC reached out to EEF to perform the necessary strategy and reporting to effectively meet the requirements.

Since then, EEF’s sustainability experts have continued to help Melrose and its companies comply with the new standards, including the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) and CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.


Going beyond providing advice and an understanding of the intricacies of the standards, EEF also
  • Project manages any reporting or compliance issues
  • Trained all coordinators at each business unit in necessary requirements
  • Created corporate reporting procedures to ensure necessary data is collected at all locations whereby EEF works directly which each unit to compile the necessary data
  • Authors necessary reporting on GHG for annual reports
  • Provides specialist and oversight presence and necessary calculations at key CRC meetings 
  • Serves as lead auditor for ESOS across ten countries

“EEF acts as an extension of my team, undertaking all the collation, monitoring, auditing investigating and bringing any issues to my attention. They do the heavy lifting enabling Melrose management to focus on the strategic issues around complying with carbon and energy legislation” says Adam Westley, Company Secretary at Melrose.



Instead of trying to form their own team of environmental compliance experts, Melrose relies on EEF’s expertise. Adam explains, “We pick our partners very carefully as they really become an extension of us. The quality of EEF services, means we can feel comfortable relying on them.”

This approach has proven cost-effective and delivered successful results, with EEF ensuring:

  • Outsourced resource for environment that covers all legislation across Europe
  • Compliance with all necessary carbon legislation
  • Demonstrated commitment to shareholders for their environmental management and sustainability performance
  • Cost effective route to compliance
  • Improved efficiency in data collection and reporting



Melrose Industries PLC, a London-based company, buys good manufacturing businesses with strong fundamentals whose performance can be improved.

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