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A top learning technique training managers should stick to in 2016

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E-learning, webinars, virtual classrooms. Trendy tech-based learning is a fantastic tool in many circumstances, but 2016 may well be the year of face-to-face training. Along with the obvious benefits of minimised distractions and easier interpersonal communication, in-person learning allows for additional collaboration, interactivity and lasting connections.

Here are a few of the reasons managers in charge of developing skills for their team or company will be thinking more about ‘face time’ (not the app!) in the New Year:

Focused learning

It’s hard to avoid the allure of multi-tasking during a lesson when the trainer isn’t standing in front of you. Taking time away from their day-to-day schedule to attend a course minimises employees’ disruptions and distractions. They won’t have to worry about having your train of thought interrupted by a phone call, responding to emails or having co-workers drop by for a chat in the middle of an exercise.


Interactive and personalised

Although many webinars have the option for submitting questions during the presentation, nothing is a substitute for the teacher being able to see the faces (and exercises) of their audience and see first-hand if the lessons are being absorbed. The adaptable nature of a face-to-face course means there’s individual attention to participant needs.

Interactive activities are also a great way to enrich the learning experience and embed new knowledge. Face-to-face learning allows attendees to apply logic to experiences, build confidence in their new skills and gain personalised coaching from the teacher in real time.


Peer-to-peer sharing and networking

Learning from others when in a classroom environment, provides a platform for peers to share experiences and helps to adopt new and different techniques into day-to-day work tasks. These connections can often continue after the course is completed, allowing for effective industry networking.

When bespoke face-to-face learning is conducted at a company or within a team, it can also help break down cross-functional barriers. It provides an open team environment where people can share experiences and work more closely. This allows problems to be discussed openly and confidentially within the team and resolved on the spot.


EEF provides a comprehensive range of courses and bespoke training at locations across the UK, on topics ranging from employment law to management to health and safety. In particular, EEF is offering upcoming ILM Level 2 training in leadership and team skills. This four-day course covers core knowledge and skills to support team leaders, enabling them to step into their role, undertake key responsibilities, communicate effectively and motivate their team and individuals to maximise performance.  


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