An HR manager's guide to change management - 7 tips in 7 minutes

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At the annual EEF National Manufacturing Conference on 24 February 2016, experts from several leading industry organisations shared 7 tips in 7 minutes around topics of interest to the UK manufacturing industry.

Jacqui Tutin, Senior Advisor with EEF’s HR consultancy, shared her change management advice for executives (and particularly those with responsibility for HR and employee engagement). She provided seven tips along with key questions management should ask during a significant change in the workplace:

1. Context

  • Do you have a reactive situation (burning bridge scenario) where change is seen as clearly required?

  • Is the situation proactive where top management may see the need for change, but employees may not understand the need for or desire a change?


2. Culture

  • As a company, are you used to change and this type of change, in particular?

  • Are you a small organisation that is likely not used to this type of change and will require a different approach to a large, diverse organisation?


3. Leadership

  • Who is going to manage the change and how?

  • Do you have the right people with the right skills to manage the change?

  • What training may be required for these leaders?

  • Who are you influencers that shape organisational opinion?

  • Does the change and the implementation team have the backing of the top management?


4. Engagement

  • How are you going to get the buy-in of the staff and other stakeholders?

  • Do you know the advantages/disadvantages, winners and losers?

  • Have you identified the key stakeholders that you need to retain/keep motivated?

  • Have you identified what other changes are going on within the organisation that affects employees?


5. Project Management – Who is responsible?


  • Have you appointed someone to keep this project on track and monitor progress?

  • Make sure you monitor if you are achieving the original aims as well as the milestones.

  • How can you enable employees to cope with the change and maintain business as normal?

  • How much time will the change management process take?


6. Communication

  • How are you going to communicate the change to all levels of the business?

  • How can you achieve three way communication (up, down, and lateral) to ensure everyone on board?

  • Have you crafted messages that are frequent, consistent, informative and address most employees’ questions?


7. Learning

  • Have we developed as an organisation?

  • WWW – What went well?  What should we repeat in future and why?

  • EBI – Even Better if.  What should we change next time; why and how?


Learn more about how EEF HR experts help advice organisations on change management and employee engagement in our HR and employment law Business Support services section.

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