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Top tips from the EEF National Manufacturing Conference

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It was a banner year at the EEF National Manufacturing Conference. On 24 February 2016, over 800 manufacturing executives gathered in London to hear experts and inspirational speakers on the future of UK manufacturing.

Over the course of the day the EEF Hub in the exhibition hall hosted a ‘7 Tips in 7 Minutes’ pop-up theatre. Here, experts in HR, productivity and training each had just seven minutes to share their top advice with delegates.

Here are the top tips shared by the experts throughout the day:

How to improve productivity

“The best way to benchmark your services and processes is to see what others are doing. Visit companies in other sectors and see what they’re doing differently. Take advantage of opportunities to meet and tour other manufacturers, such as those offered by industry and membership organisations you belong to.”

Patrick Lee, Manufacturing Business Growth Consultant, EEF


How to access asset funding

“Make sure you understand the logistics of asset finance. How will your asset get from A to B and where can funding come in during that process?”

Andrew Thrower, Business Development Director, Lombard North


How to manage change effectively

“Determine which project managers will be involved in implementing and communicating the change. Quite often some of these individuals do not have sufficient skills to effectively manage this change. Consider how specific training could help address this gap.”

Jacqui Tutin, HR Consultant, EEF


How to work successfully with trade unions

“When trying to gage employees’ opinion on a particular issue, trade unions and company management can co-host a forum or council to assess sentiment to aid decision making.”

Chris Harries, Barrister, National Head of Employee Relations, EEF


How to achieve financial supply chain efficiency

“All manufacturers look at the efficiency of their processes in their physical supply chains, but they should also look holistically at the efficiency of their financial supply chain. Creating efficiency from payment through stock to accounts receivable can have a big impact on the dynamics of the cash conversion cycle.”

Chris Harrison, Head of Transaction Solutions Specialists, Commercial & Private Banking, The Royal Bank of Scotland

How to develop a skilled workforce

“Don’t limit your thinking about what you can afford in terms of time and capital for training. There are so many options these days, from online learning to regional courses to on-site options.”

Neil Withey, Technology Training Centre Director, EEF


To hear more about the conference and the social conversation happening around #EEF2016, check out our Storify conference summary.


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