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Six keys to a successful conference exhibition booth

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As the EEF National Manufacturing Conference’s exhibition hall fills up with businesses catering to the manufacturing sector, we’re breaking down how exhibitors can get the most out of a conference experience.


Let people know you’re there

Let your prospect and customer database know you’ll be exhibiting at the conference, whether it’s through direct mailings, email or social media. Provide all the relevant details (such as time, place, etc.) and a link to where they can purchase tickets to attend.

Give them a reason to seek you out while they’re there, by highlighting any interesting technology or samples you’ll have at your booth.


Put the right people on your booth

Choose your representatives carefully. You want outgoing, friendly individuals who are passionate about your sector and solution. And make sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet by meeting with your booth team before the conference to hash out the key information you’d like to convey and what you want to get out of the exhibition experience. Everyone should be assigned a specific role, whether it is demonstrating a piece of tech, encouraging entries in your prize draw, attending speaker or panel sessions or welcoming new visitors to your booth.


Connect your in-person and digital experience

Nearly every conference these days has a hashtag. Make sure you have a plan to put out messaging using the conference hashtag before and during the conference. Don’t just stick to the ‘why you should visit our stand’ messaging, but include pictures, quotes and insights into what you found interesting. Consider having one of your business experts craft a blog around one of the conference themes that you can share during the conference.


Have a conversation starter

Whether it’s a toy race car track, a working piece of tech, a business card prize draw or just branded boxes of sweets, having an eye-catching and interactive element to your display not only lures people to your booth but is a great way to start a conversation.


Think branding and connections not sales

An exhibition booth is a chance to speak to individuals you’d be hard pressed to get through to on the phone or with a sales meeting. It’s your chance to expand brand awareness, showcase your business’ solution and make personal connections. It isn’t the time to try to give an executive the hard sell.

With the vast majority of EEF National Manufacturing Conference attendees being CEO, VP or MD level, they want to talk ideas, not the nitty gritty of your sales pitch.

In your exhibition hall conversations, you should be using the opportunity to learn more about your potential customers – their interests and challenges – first hand.


Keep the conversation going

A successful exhibiting experience doesn’t end after the booth comes down. Your team should have a clear game plan for following up with new connections, sharing insights from the conference and conversations with your wider team and some post-conference social media posts.


For more information on exhibiting at #EEF2017, visit our conference website.

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