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Checklist: Choosing the right training & development provider

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The recently released Skills Report 2016 found that nearly three-quarters of manufacturers are concerned they can’t recruit the skills their companies need to stay productive. It’s no wonder many of these employers are looking to fill the gap through training and up-skilling their existing employees. In fact, 63% of companies expect their training spend to increase in the next three years.

In order to ensure their learning and development programme meets the needs of the business today and in the future, companies (like Knorr-Bremse) often look to training consultants to develop bespoke programmes. So how can companies ensure they pick a qualified provider who can deliver against their particular business goals?

Here are some of the key questions to ask when looking for a learning and development consultant:


A legacy of success

Who is the expert who will develop the strategy with you? Do they have expertise in learning and development programmes? Can you see an impressive professional biography? Will they be the ones working directly?

Can you speak with the expert over the phone or in person to ensure they are a fit with your work style and workplace culture?

Does the provider have a proven track record with case studies of success? What do your peers say about them?

Do they think long-term and provide a future-proofed approach that ensures the work will continue long after they have left?


Industry expertise

Have they worked with notable companies in your industry?

Have they worked with businesses that are a similar size and make up to yours?

Does the provider have broad industry experience that can bring fresh ideas to your field?

Do they have an understanding of the specific challenges, training and accreditations pertinent to your sector?


Location and payback

Does the provider have a presence in your region? Have they worked with other companies in your region?

Is the consultant willing to travel to your location as needed?

Can the provider give an estimated return on investment in financial terms? Can they help ‘sell’ the learning and development strategy to senior management?



Does the provider offer a flexible approach tailored to your specific needs rather than a generic solution?

Do they offer a broad range of support and training to help reach your goals, including courses in leadership and management, health and safety and technical training?

Do they offer a variety of consultation channels, including phone, email and in-person?

Do they offer dedicated, off-site training facilities and meeting venues, if needed?


Ultimately, a learning and development provider should be able to provide both the high-level strategy as well as the on-the-ground training support needed for a business to fill their skills gaps, retain their talent and boost productivity.


EEF is a learning and development provider working with organisations of all sizes across the UK to develop talent and manage performance.

Get in touch to discuss your particular training and development needs:

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