Can you spot the safety problems? | EEF

Can you spot the safety problems?

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EEF has teamed up with Safety Photo (a Twitter account posting photos of unsafe work situations) for a contest during Health and Safety Week. Each day at 13:00 between 19-23 June watch #SafeMfg and @safetyphoto for a new photo of an unsafe work environment in manufacturing. Simply reply to the post, identifying all the unsafe elements shown. Of course, all photos have elements open to interpretation and speculation, so if you have slightly different (or more or fewer) safety problems identified, that's okay.

Correct respondents will be entered into a draw for a £100 Amazon gift card on Friday at 16:00. You can enter once per photo and all correct responses received before 16:00 on Friday will be included. Safety photo contest if you have any questions.

Must be a UK resident over 18 years of age to enter. EEF employees and their immediate family are not eligible.


Here are the results!

Day 1


What's wrong: working at height without a harness, blockage around exit door potentially, access to moving parts of the machinery, possible blocked walkway


Day 2


What's wrong: electrical cables – contact with electricity and trips, power tools, pedestal drill, swarf, Sparks, hot surfaces, panel saw, fire extinguisher obstructed, falling object, combustible materials next to grinding, rag on drill motor


Day 3


What's wrong: Falling object, no lock on the hook, pendulum action of the weight, insufficient SWL of the pulley, hook, steel rope, lack of proper planning


Day 4


What's wrong: unguarded machinery, hazardous chemical on workbench, trailing cables trip hazard, damaged cables electrical hazard, poor housekeeping, very poor cable management


Day 5


What's wrong: no guarding on the machine, potential high voltage electricity at the rear of the photo, build-up of dust, damaged trunking

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