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#SafeMfg week highlights the importance of competence

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Safety has always been a top priority and challenge for UK manufacturers. This has only increased with rising fines with the new Sentencing Guidelines. As part of a UK-wide Health and Safety week, EEF is launching a #SafeMfg campaign on Twitter. The campaign is designed to raise awareness of top safety issues in manufacturing, particularly focusing on the importance of safety competence in the workplace.


Here is an overview of some of the #SafeMfg activities:

EEF and Safety Photo have joined forces to launch a #SafeMfg contest. At 13:00 every day this week, @safetyphoto will share an image of an unsafe situation in manufacturing. Those who respond with a list of all the safety problems in the photo will be entered in a draw for an £100 Amazon gift card at the end of the week.

On Wednesday, 21 June, @EEF_Insights will conduct a Twitter takeover of @healthandsafety (Health & Safety at Work magazine) where we’ll be posting interesting facts and case studies of #SafeMfg throughout the day. We’re also sharing a fun quiz we developed to test your knowledge of safety facts, particularly in #ukmfg.

Each day of the week, @EEF_Insights will focus on the safety competence needs of a particular group of manufacturing employees, from the shop floor to management. EEF’s HSE consultants will be sharing blogs and video content on the safety challenges they see from the manufacturers they work with.


UK manufacturers and HSE managers are encouraged to share with tweets, photos or videos how they have made safety a priority, with the hashtag #SafeMfg.


Health, Safety and Sustainability Director

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