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Shifting the focus onto shift premia in manufacturing

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In a sector where companies often operate 24/7 in order to boost production capacity or make the best use of expensive capital equipment, it is not uncommon to see shift work in operation.


The benefits for manufacturers are clear, reduced production costs, less need for expensive overtime and increased flexibility. Finding out how they compare to other companies in terms of shift patterns and what incentives employees receive for taking on these working arrangements, is not so obvious.

This is why we have introduced a new component to the benchmark series, focusing on six common shift patterns. The report complements our three existing pay benchmark reports – which focus on basic pay – by allowing companies to benchmark themselves against others in the sector in terms of the premium paid for each shift type and how other elements such as hours, patterns of work and rest breaks measure up.

Our new benchmark shows:

  • Patterns that include night work attract the highest shift payments

  • Employees on permanent night shifts accrue a median premia of 33%

  • Outside of day shifts the next most popular shift is double days – with 43% of companies operating this shift

  • The most common percentage premia given to employees on double day shifts is 15% - when accumulated on both the early and late shifts

  • Across all the shift patterns surveyed the most widespread length for a mid-shift break was 30 minutes

Click here to find out more about how to access the Shift Patterns and Premia Benchmark.

Thinking about a shift change?

If your current shift patterns have been in place longer than you care to remember, maybe it’s time for a review. To guide your thinking, our HR consultancy team have put together a guide to common shift patterns.


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