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Frequently Asked Questions put to our research team

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EEF’s Research team provide high quality market intelligence and benchmarking for the manufacturing sector. Here are some common questions posed to our Research team - with the answers and links to relevant reports.

What are other companies in our area paying their skilled employees?

Our series of Pay Benchmarking reports can provide you with the market rates for more than 200 specific job roles across manufacturing.

The three reports cover roles from the shop floor to top floor, detailing pay and benefits benchmarking for the United Kingdom and regions across the country.

I’m looking to research pay rates for a very specific role, will it be in one of your reports?

You can download a sample of each Pay Benchmark report from our website, which includes a list of all the roles included.

If the role you are looking for is not covered in any of our three reports, or you need that extra level of detail, our research team can also offer Bespoke Pay and Benefits research. 

What are other manufacturers giving as a pay increase this year and how does this compare to inflation?

You can keep up to date with average pay increases through our Pay Bulletin report which is published monthly (sample permitting).

You can also keep an eye on the inflation rates on our inflation update page which is updated every month with the latest official data

Is our company’s shift pattern typical in manufacturing and what is the standard premium for this shift pattern?

According to our shift patterns and premia benchmark report the most common shift pattern (excluding day shifts) is double days. Details on six shift patterns and the premia paid, can be found in the full publication.

This report is available free to participant members and non participant members get a 50% discount on the full price.  Non-members can purchase for £200 + VAT.

We’re wondering if our absence rate is high compared to the industry average?

Our latest survey results indicate that the national sickness absence rate is 2.3%. More information can be found in EEF’s annual Absence Benchmark which is free for all EEF members (non-members can purchase for £50 + VAT).

This report provides details on both the absence rate and the average number of days lost per employee. There is also regional analysis plus breakdowns by size of company and sector.

How can we find out how our sick pay offering compares to other companies?

We have a full Sick Pay benchmark focusing on Occupational Sick Pay (OSP) provision, which EEF members have free access to. The report outlines the type of sick pay companies offer, the number of waiting days before OSP commences, and the basis on which the sick pay calculation is made. The benchmark also outlines the number of weeks of OSP entitlement and at what proportion of pay, for six key service intervals.

Non-members can purchase this publication for £50 + VAT.

Where can I find data on labour turnover?

We produce an annual Labour Turnover benchmark and our current report is showing that across the UK labour turnover was 14% in 2016, down from 16.1% in the previous year. Turnover for manual employees (11.8%) was slightly lower than non-manual (12.6%).

The full report outlines the national trends in workforce churn in the last year by type of employee and provides further useful breakdowns covering company size, sector and region. Did we mention it’s free for EEF members?

Can you provide any general statistics about UK manufacturing?

Our annual Fact Card summarises some of the headline statistics about UK manufacturing (such as average salary, total output and exports, and how regions and sectors compare).

If you contact our Research team with your specific data query then our experts can provide you with fast access to EEF reports, economic data, national statistics and pay research.

Find out more

Get in touch with the Research team to find out more about the reports we produce and research we can undertake, e-mail:


Head of Information & Research

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