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Top 13 Twitter influencers in UK health and safety

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These days, spreading the word about unsafe workplace situations, new safety legislation and best practice in occupational health means using social media. Here are a few of the players in the health and safety realm that are using Twitter to its best advantage to share compelling messages and reaching new audiences.



Based in Leicester, the Institution on Health and Safety provides accreditation for health and safety training for tens of thousands around the globe. Follow them to find out about industry events, new articles from IOSH Magazine and opportunities to comment on key issue and join campaigning committees.




Also based in Leicester is the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health provides certification and accredited training for health and safety professionals. Follow their account to read inspiring stories of how NEBOSH graduates are using their skills to make their workplaces safer as well as hear about new NEBOSH courses as they’re unveiled to the public.



SHP Online

For a great source for unbiased news and analysis on safety issues, turn to SHP.



Health and Safety Matters Magazine

With articles on news and technology in occupational health and safety, this UK magazine is often the first industry publication to report on important court cases related to safety failings.



Chris Newson

A health and safety consultant at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, Chris regularly tweets about training courses he’s leading and visits he makes to consult with and conduct risk assessments for EEF health and safety package members.




The Health & Safety Executive is the governmental body responsible for enforcing and researching safety in the workplace. HSE are also the group that conduct inspections and give out fines to workplaces that aren’t compliant. It’s worth following their Twitter feed to see what initiatives they’re prioritising and the latest legislation.



Health & Safety Laboratory

HSL shares the latest research on safety solutions for the workplace. Follow them to keep on track of the latest tests and expert thinking on healthy working.



Ian Cooke

As a health and safety consultant at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, Ian shares the projects he’s working on for clients – from risk assessments to cutting-edge employee engagement initiatives.



Charlotte Geoghagen

An editor and writer at IFSEC, a global fire safety and security conference, Charlotte shares news pieces and features on planning for fires, terrorism and cyberattacks.





The UK’s leading trade body for the safety industry, the British Safety Industry Federation provides advice on issues affecting HSE professionals, such as how to choose registered safety products and suppliers and how to provide PPE to your employees.



Safety Photo

This account uses humour to highlight unsafe work situations, such as construction sites with ‘unorthodox’ ladder arrangements. With over 28K followers, this is clearly an approach that resonates with people.



Health & Safety at Work

This UK publication shares articles on best practices in health and safety and creates awareness around key issues for the industry.



IFSEC Global

Fire safety is an important component of risk management for UK industry. This organisation provides the latest research and information on the fire safety realm.



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